Trackstar WEB's Success is its SIMPLICITY.  Powerful, sophisicated system but automated for your sales consultant's advantage.

Fully Loaded with Tools Specific to Car Drive Sales

The Trackstar Hot Prospect and Follow-Up Retention System was built specifically for sales departments in car dealerships.

The Trackstar automotive sales program was created by a car dealer and automotive sales expert. It includes all the tools car dealers need to realize the full potential of their automotive sales consultant team to capture more opportunities from existing floor traffic without extra advertising expenditures.

  • General Manager Report includes total dealership traffic, traffic by sales person, closing ratio by dealership and sales person, demo ratios and more
  • Daily Management File shows each sales person's hot prospects for follow-up, coaching and direction
  • Daily Organizer of hot prospects and past owners printed for each sales person
  • Automated System ensures that the right contact is made at the right time in the sales cycle, including personalized letters to hot prospects and relationship-building communications with sold customers
  • Dealer-Controlled Database - information belongs to and stays with the dealership
  • Library of Contact Letters with over 50 professionally written letters, promotions and incentive coupons
  • Easy Customization and Personalization of sales letters - write your own letters or customize letters from the library
  • Facilitates Multi-Channel Communications including contact by phone, email and mail
  • Multi-Stream Tracking supports new vehicles, used vehicles and leasing - as well as body shop
  • Single Data Entry to all systems
  • Robust System is flexible enough for a small dealership with 200 contacts or a large dealership with over 20,000
  • Easy Start - a complete system is ready to go - just add names
  • No Additional Staff or Technical Expertise Required - an effortless, efficient system run by your existing administration or reception staff
  • Toll Free Technical Support
  • Marketing Ideas and Consultation by automobile specialists
  • Compatible System operates on Windows 98, 2000 and XP systems
  • Free System Updates are available to all Trackstar customers


You can make $10,000 or more each month
with the Trackstar system

Trackstar is the best follow-up and retention system on the market today

  • Trackstar targets showroom walkouts to increase be-backs
  • Trackstar will get an additional 15% of walk-in traffic to return - that is 6 be-backs per salesperson per month
  • Closing ratio for be-backs is 35%
  • Average sales improvement for each salesperson is 2 sales per month

Contact Trackstar today to find out how you can
make more than $10,000 more each month.