Make Follow-Up a PROFIT CENTRE for your dealership

Easier to use and more powerful than other systems — take complete control of your customer contacts to drive sales and increase profitability.

Simply put, the Trackstar automotive sales program and automotive CRM technology are at the core of the best Automotive Hot Prospect and Follow-Up Retention System available today. Developed specifically for sales departments in car dealerships, it does one thing and does it extremely well.

Client acquisition is costly — Trackstar turns existing showroom walkouts into high ratio sales opportunities — without added advertising expenditures. Automotive sales consultants have reported selling two or more deliveries per month and dealers $10,000 more profit each month after implementing the Trackstar automotive sales program and targeting high-closing be-backs, repeat clients and referral customers.

The Trackstar Hot Prospect and Follow-Up Retention System is the easiest method available in North America to target market clients for Vehicle Sales, Leasing, Service, Parts and Body Shop sales. You will see a significant increase in revenues in all departments. Get started today by calling
Trackstar             1-800-668-0362      .

Why Trackstar for Customer Retention?
Trackstar coordinates client and dealership interactions for new, used and lease vehicles into immediate and future business, automatically. Without the Trackstar System, you are likely losing over $10,000 a month with poor follow-up.

Trackstar WEB is a complete package for increasing your profits and long-term success:

  • You will increase sales by converting showroom walkouts to be-back sales
  • You will increase long term client retention of purchase and lease clients to improve repeat sales
  • You will increase referral business from present clients
  • You will increase income from finance and insurance, extended warranties and accessories
  • You will retain sales from orphaned customers
  • You will recover lost clients who shopped your dealership but purchased elsewhere

Trackstar Features: Developed by a car dealer, Trackstar is packed with valuable tools to help your sales people sell more cars to a more lucrative market.

Trackstar Benefits: Many car dealerships and automotive salespeople have already realized the benefits of using the Trackstar Automotive Hot Prospect and Follow-Up Retention System - find out how.

Trackstar Sales program: Trackstar has revolutionized the way dealerships across North America interact with customers through the sales cycle to increase customer satisfaction, sell more cars and increase dealer profitability.

Trackstar CRM Software: Look under our hood to see what powers increased sales and higher revenue potential for dealerships and sales people.

Industry Facts: Developed specifically to help dealerships and sales people cope with the realities of the automotive industry - here are the facts we face.

You can make $10,000 or more each month
with the Trackstar system

Trackstar WEB is the best follow-up and retention system on the market today

  • Trackstar targets showroom walkouts to increase be-backs
  • Trackstar will get an additional 15% of walk-in traffic to return - that is 6 be-backs per salesperson per month
  • Closing ratio for be-backs is 35%
  • Average sales improvement for each salesperson is 2 sales per month

Contact Trackstar today to find out how you can
make more than $10,000 more each month.